Friday, March 8, 2013

Online Shopping

I just received a few boxes in the mail and I am excited! This is one reason why I can't wait to move to the States. Being overseas we are kind of deprived of certain food and stuff! Sometimes even if the local stores have the stuff we're looking for, they are just way over priced! Anyway, here are the stuff I got in the mail..

I took a picture when I got this box, but they got deleted before I was able to transfer it :( Anyway, I got these from Amazon. I bought a carousel for my Keurig K-cups. I thought it was a neat way to put my k-cups in. Didn't want to keep them in the box they came in. Next one was a jewelry holder. I have been meaning to get one because I needed a holder for my bracelets and watches. I haven't really been able to organize it yet.. just started putting the new items I just bought.

I couldn't wait to open this package because it just literally took forever! Love the products from the company (Vanity Affair)and pretty good prices, but I didn't like their customer service at all! They waited 2 weeks for me to email them and then they sent my package because they had to ask me about my address! Why couldn't they email me as soon as I placed my order and they had a question? Right? Is that crazy or is that crazy? Lol. Okay other than that, love the products! :)

Next box.. Sephora! Okay, so I barely buy stuff from this store because it can be a little pricey and also I would rather be back in the States to buy products so that I can test them out first. Anyway, I was tempted.. been watching so many youtube channels that I had to try some products. Lol :) I really was just going to buy the Josie Maran Argan Oil because I heard too much good stuff about it. I had to try out some Benefit products. I have tried some of the products and I'm loving it so far. I might just end up buying the regular size for some of the products in the future ;) Of course the box came with some free samples. Can't wait to try the Tarte BB Cream!

Last box is from Lulus. What can I say.. cute products and fast shipping! In love with the sideways cross necklace so I had to get me one. Plus it matches the bracelet my friend gave me. I had to get me a black sneaker wedge. They had one here at our PX by Sketchers, but it was just too expensive for me! Glad I found this one. Thanks Lulus :)

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